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If you pay for a phone in the US, you’ll find a small addendum each month: a few dollars for the Universal Service Fund, a federal program meant to give rural and low-income Americans phone and internet access. A fraction of that money goes to a system called E-Rate, which is specifically earmarked for bringing schools and libraries online. And today, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has pushed through an attempt to reform the 18-year-old program by putting billions of dollars towards Wi-Fi over the next few years.
- FCC approves multibillion-dollar push to put Wi-Fi in schools and libraries | The Verge (via infoneer-pulse)

Window seat - by: Karina Vera

Oh wow, how beautiful!
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this is actually so powerful

Indeed, imagine yourself going through that. Right now.
I love humanity, but I hate people.
- Edna St. Vincent Millay (via feellng)

A line to live by

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Jesus, I want this so bad!
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